Welcome to Kings & Desperate Men Productions

Welcome to the award-winning filmmaking, international hit-play producing, bi-coastal operating, wheeling and dealing, jet flying, styling and profiling phenomenon known as Kings & Desperate Men Productions!!!!  Or KADM Productions if you’re in a rush!!! And if you’re not in a rush, have some fun on our site reading about our films, plays and other entertainment endeavors!!  You can find out everything you want to know about KADM Productions right here!!!  Just click on whatever button grabs your attention and fasten your seat belt…or don’t and live dangerously!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Breaking News!!!  KADM Productions has two HUGE announcements!!!

First "The Inventor and the Escort" is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!!!

Second, we have reached our Kickstarter goal and "Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans With High Class Issues" The Web Series will be a reality!!! The cameras roll in mid-July so check back for update or click here.

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