The Inventor, The Escort, The Photographer, Her Boyfriend and His Girlfriend
Emily Campion (Karen)

After practicing corporate law for several uninspiring years in New York City, Emily Campion realized she needed something more out of her career.  Someone suggested she take an acting class (unbeknownst to her, many signs seemed to point her in that direction), and she was immediately hooked!  Given the opportunity to pursue this craft full-time, Emily premiered on the New York stage in March of 2010.  Since then, she has had the opportunity to work in various productions, be it on stage or in front of the camera.  She is so happy to be happy, and she wants to thank those who have supported her through this transition, including Matt and the Kadm team, as well as her family, and especially her husband Glenn.  She looks forward to the giggling and guffawing that is sure to happen during this show, and is thrilled to be in on the act!" 

David R. Doumeng (Jeffrey)

A native New Yorker and veteran of the U.S. Air Force, David has been actively performing since he graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse four years ago. His television credits include ALL MY CHILDREN and GUIDING LIGHT. His contemporary theatre performances include THE ROTHKO ROOM at the Rita Wallace Theatre, CRIMES OF THE HEART at The Bridge Theatre, SOMEONE TO LOVE ME at the Chernuchin Theater, as well as classic plays such as LYSISTRATA at The Living Theatre and ANTIGONE with The Queens Players. His recent film, THE FINAL DAY, which he also wrote and co-produced, is featured on the DVD of legendary filmmaker George Romero's DIARY OF THE DEAD.  In addition to acting, David is also a commercial spec writer and film producer for Triple E Productions. He is thrilled and excited to be making his KADM debut.

Jessica Durdock Moreno (Julia)

Jessica Durdock Moreno has appeared in leading roles in several KADM productions, including ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN IN LOW RISE JEANS WITH HIGH CLASS ISSUES (off-Broadway and Los Angeles), ALL ABOARD THE MARRIAGE HEARSE (New York and Los Angeles),and many of the company's award-winning films, including THE PRETENDERS, GOOD TIDINGS and MAID OF HONOR.  She has been a guest on the Joey Reynolds Show (WOR 710) numerous times with KADM to discuss the company's plays and performances.  Jessica is studying Drama and Theatre Arts at Columbia University.  She has studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and Suzuki/Viewpoints with Anne Bogart at the SITI Summer Theater Workshop.  Jessica has appeared in recurring roles on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and AS THE WORLD TURNS. She has performed leading roles in plays by Strindberg,Chekhov, Brecht, Shakespeare, Shaw, Beckett, Havel, Lonergan, Buchner,and Moliere.  Favorite roles include Puck, Peter Pan, and Romeo.  Jessica is a former professional modern dancer, having guested with the world-renowned company Pilobolus.  She grew up riding horses in Connecticut and speaks fluent Swedish.  Jessica has been most recently performing under the direction of Sharon Fogarty (Mabou Mines) and Shannon Fillion (MFA Directing Candidate at Columbia University).

Tom Pilutik (John)

Tom has been with KADM Productions and the KADM Players from the beginning.  With roles in three of the four produced plays, including ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN IN LOW RISE JEANS WITH HIGH CLASS ISSUES and AMERICAN SOLDIERS, as well as numerous roles in KADM films, he is a permanent fixture in the company.  Tom got his acting start at C.W. Post, Long Island University, getting acting training and significant stage time in plays such as THE TEMPEST, JEFFREY and THE SKRIKER.  Leaving college led him to Prototype Theater in New York City, getting a little taste of the absurd in plays like THREE RING, BUNNY’S LAST NIGHT IN LIMBO and THE TWILIGHT SERIES. Tom also used his acting talents to earn a masters degree from New York University in drama therapy, and worked in a psychiatric hospital with children and teens struggling with mental illness.  Fascinated with human behavior and always intrigued by the multiple sides and complexities of people, Tom was immediate drawn to the role of John.  Tom is very grateful for the opportunity to work with KADM on so many projects.
Maria Rowene (Molly)

Maria Rowene earned her BFA in acting from the University of Montana then headed east to pursue her lifelong passion. She's been working her ass off since arriving in NYC and hopes you come see her/it in this fantastic show and the upcoming Off-Broadway premiere of FABULOUS LIES OF HOLLYWOOD WHORES.  When she's not acting in scandalously titled new comedies, she is teaching middle-school drama in Harlem. She is thankful to her friends and family and those little ones who remind her every day how to keep playing.


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