Machines of Love and Hate - written and directed by Joseph F. Parda
The Plot

A mysterious hitchhiker, who can only remember nightmarish fragments of his past, is hit by a car driven by a beautiful, but deeply troubled, young woman. 

Taken to her isolated country home to recuperate, he is introduced to her sexually repressed mother and wheelchair-bound father. 

Here in this dysfunctional house of horrors, his past, present and future intersect with the family’s own dark secrets to bring forth a conclusion filled with supernatural phenomena, blasphemous resurrection and apocalyptic revelation. 

Eileen Daly (Razor Blade Smile), Tina Krause (Witchhouse 3; Demon Fire) and David Runco (Flesh for the Beast) star.

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Awards and Reviews

“thought-provoking tale of weirdness.” – Is It Uncut? Magazine

“dark, brooding and surreal.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“a must for all horror fans.” – The Horror Review

“a gem” – Cinema Nocturna

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