The premiere episode of "Angry Young Women" Episode I - "Angry Young Women and the Mythical Female Orgasm" Allison was enjoying a nice date with Dylan until he suggested he would give her the type of orgasm that Allison knows is impossible...and disgusting.

"Angry Young Women and the Small Vagina" The girls' body image issues get jacked up after Nikki accidentally reads a text with a crude description of!

Are you dissatisfied with your love life? Or sex life? Perhaps you should log on and do what the 'Angry Young Women' gang does: take some advice from Sabrina!!!!
Kenny and Candy had quite a night of passion and things went...awry. This is the aftermath.

Episode II - "Angry Young Women and the Not Really True But Sort of True Stereotypes" In their latest adventure, the gang deals with questions that have plagued philosophers and poets since the beginning of time: Are women really "crazy"? 

"Angry Young Women and the Crazy Cunnilingus Conundrum" When it comes to sex and "oversharing" on social media: is there really TMI* out there? Have we reached an OMG* moment of indiscretion?

Nikki drags Dan's most deviant sexual fantasy out of him and then...
If you thought their dinner could not be anymore embarrassing, you were wrong....